10 things to do 10 months before your wedding

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10 Things you need to do 10 months before your wedding..
As if you didn’t have enough to do for your big day, right?
Well, lets take a step back. Here are 10 things you should do to ensure you aren’t stressing about last minute details. You don’t really need 12 months to plan your wedding, but I find it is less stressful taking everything slowly. after all, slow and steady wins the race! So let’s enjoy every moment we spend planning this special, and joyous occasion!

  1. Plan your guests! without knowing how many guests, you can’t plan for anything else! so this is step 1. Do not move on from step one until you have at least a pretty good idea of your guest list. This is a very important step.
  2. Pick 1-3 dates, and then reach out to your guest list (via email, text, call or social media poll) to see if any of those dates work for your guests. You can skip asking your guests if you want, I just have implemented this to ensure my whole family will be in attendance on our special day. Otherwise I know my family won’t show.
  3. Register for gifts, or let everyone know in lieu of a gift, you would like to receive a small donation to help cover wedding expenses/start out on the right foot. If you decide to register for gifts, only choose items you truly want and can use rather than things you only kind of want. Also carve out a space for these items before you ever get them. If you can’t make space for it now, you can’t make space for it when you have it either.
  4. Choose your bridal parties for the bride and groom. You can let them know now that they are in the bridal party or wait until the date comes closer. Just making the decision is usually hard enough! although I let my maid of honor know 11 months in advance, this way she can be by my side and join my dream team which leads me to #5…
  5. Choose your dream team! you need 4-10 people that you can count on and trust. These people will be your support team, and will help you make decisions as well as possibly assist in wedding jobs such as taking photos/videos, helping set up /take down, Food, playing the middle man if anything goes wrong on your big day (this way you don’t even have to stress, your dream team has your back!)
  6. Start listing out every song you want to play. This list will be added to and edited over the next few months. I do this so you don’t have “what song should we play now?” moment during the wedding party. That apparently happens a lot.. So as you find new songs you love or remember old ones, you can add to your ever growing list. We are doing an outdoor/nature wedding so we are actually planning on using Plant Music! More on that in next weeks newsletter. Hope you signed up for that 😉
  7. Think about a venue! inside, outside? paid for, or borrowed from family/friends? You can often get a cheaper price by booking months in advance. This step is not as crucial if you are using family/friend property like us. We just were sure to ask our families if we could use my parents field for the wedding and my husbands aunt’s property for the reception. This way we didn’t inconvenience any one last minute or run the risk of not having a venue at all.
  8. What color scheme are you thinking? This scheme will likely be on everything.. from the furniture, the cards, to invites and the guests attire. So what colors will you use? white and gold? maroon and white? black, gold and white? the options go on.
  9. Design and post your wedding website! This is a great way to keep all of your guests in the loop as far as date changes, the reception, gift registry, etc. preferably have all of your guests email’s so that you can set your website up with a “newsletter” if you want to easily remind guests of your big day, and know exactly what is going on. This way your uncle joe can’t say “you didn’t tell me the reception was on this day!” or “I didn’t know you rescheduled the wedding to X”. Everyone will be in the loop! No hurt feelings here.
  10. DON’T STRESS! You are getting married and already so much has been done. There is a good amount left to go, but we will tackle it all together. You aren’t alone! For step 10, I want you to start thinking about your vows. You have a while until the big day, but these words are so important and you don’t need to rush through them. Not exchanging vows? That is okay, instead start thinking about what wedding traditions are important to you and how you can incorporate them into your wedding. Again, Don’t stress! this is a wonderful process and I am so glad to be apart of it with you.

So until next time,
Live Life Simplified. Alexis

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  1. I like the idea of keeping everyone in the loop through a wedding website. I think I will do that instead of dealing with paper invites/RSVP. THANKS (: Congrats btw on your wedding.

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