15 minute walnut kimchi spring rolls

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Spring Rolls are one of those things that you never really get tired of,

What is funny is I went a full 20 years of my life without ever experiencing spring rolls! I did not know how to make spring rolls or just what I was missing until my husband treated me to a local gem, Avo. They are a health conscious restaurant here in Nashville and they make amazing spring rolls! I don’t usually photograph my restaurant meals before eating but they looked so good I just had to! I also published it online with a review. Fast forward 3,000 likes & a year later. Their spring rolls are their best seller and I am still hooked! So what is a girl to do? I can’t keep spending $12 for 2 rolls!  That is where this recipe comes into play- I experimented with cashew kimchi, and different methods but in the end Walnut kimchi was our families big winner. 

These vegetable spring rolls are…



Slightly nutty

And have a good crunch! (thanks carrots)

These make a great light lunch paired with sushi or an incredible after school/work healthy snack packed with raw veggies and probiotic enzymes. They are vegan friendly, gluten free, refined sugar free (depending on your p.b. brand), and I believe these are also considered Paleo! 

Figure 2. Kimchi Mixture

Ready To Fill & Roll!

Wrapper, Lettuce, Kimchi mix

Wrapper, Lettuce, Kimchi mix, carrots

Wrapper, Lettuce, Kimchi mix, carrots, and cucumber

Wrapper, Lettuce, Kimchi mix, carrots, cucumber, and green peppers

What did you think of this spring roll recipe? Feel free to try this recipe out with different veggies, I think avocado would have been great! 

If you do decide to try this recipe, be sure to tag me on instagram  @LiveALifeSimplifed so I can see your wonderful creations! 

Or Leave a comment, how did these turn out for you? Did you make any substitutions or add ins? 

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