2 minute Pre-Shave coffee scrub!

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Are you done with the embarrassing red & itchy patches that remain like a bad stain long after your bathroom battle with the Razor each week? I know I have hated shaving from the very first time I shaved. I always went very slowly , used little to no pressure, plenty of shaving creams or gels , clean razors, multi headed razors, electric razors, I TRIED EVERYTHING!

Forget it, I thought. I’m Just gonna roll around town in pants and leggings for the rest of my life, and just pay to have them waxed if and when I absolutely HAVE to expose my legs. otherwise my legs would look worse than if I hadn’t shaved at all!
but this got kind of expensive over time.. and was always very painful..

Some of the things I tried worked better than others, but nothing worked perfectly. Fast forward to me at 22, just 6 months ago or so.
I still hated shaving, but I had heard that if you exfoliate before hand this helps to soften the hair and stimulate it to stand on end while also taking off the top layer of dead skin. I was using a store bought sugar scrub and results were Okay, but it didn’t work near as well as I would have hoped.. IĀ  was still getting burnt but at least it was minimized.
So obviously I was close to figure out how to prevent these rashes. but how could I make something sustainable , and natural that is also cost effective and convenient?

I would just create my own.

I needed a good base of 3/4 cups coconut sugar. check.
I then added coffee grounds from that morning’s french press. according to my friend, coffee grounds are so good for your skin. apparently it reduces cellulite and improves oxygen circulation. dunno , but I took her word for it!
so 2/3 c coffee grounds. check.
still needs a moisturizing effect-Even if it was meant as an exfoliant I still wanted it to be gentle! so..
1/3 c Coconut oil! check.

and that is it. 3 ingredients that changed my life.

I also figured It could use a more moisturizing feel. Even if it was meant more as an exfoliant I still wanted it to be gentle! Mix them all together, and SUCCESS!
A pre shave exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth and without any irritation or cuts.

I recommend using a new safety razor blade each time you shave. you can buy a bulk pack of 100 double sided blades here to save money. switching to a safety razor has cut our bathroom bill down tremendously! $15- $40 for the straight razor itself and then roughly another $10 for a set of 100 fresh blades? what a steal. for $25 you can have a clean fresh shave every week for almost 2 years.
+ as long as you recycle your blades at the end of the year, this is so much more eco-friendly than traditional plastic razors which have 1-5 cheaper blades attached at $3-$9 per plastic handle.


2/3 CUP Coffee grounds

1/3 CUP Coconut Oil

1/3 CUP Coconut Sugar

Mix together, then use as a whole body scrub. Allow to sit for at leastĀ  60 seconds, then rinse. Now your skin is exfoliated and ready for a smooth & painless shave.

Sometimes big problems have really simple solutions. This was one of those times for me. I hope this recipe is able to help someone the way it has helped me.

If you try it out, Let me know! I hope you feel like a queen with silky smooth skin!

until next time,

Live life simplified.


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