7 Hacks for Aunt Flo

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Being a woman means so many things.

So. Many. Things.

However, There are a few things that you DO NOT have to do as a woman. That is where I am going to start. 

  • Throwing away money every single month
  • putting synthetic bleached rayon materials in to your most sensitive area
  • damaging your body with OTC pain killers every month
  • causing more menstruation pain by taking synthetic hormone based birth control daily/monthly

 Using any of the following ingredients in the pad that you place at the entry way of your most sensitive area:

  1. Styrene: carcinogen.
  2. Chloromethane: reproductive toxicant.
  3. Chloroethane: carcinogen.
  4. Chloroform: carcinogen, reproductive toxicant, neurotoxin.
  5. Acetone: irritant.

All of those things? 


Don’t do that.

Instead- Do this!

1. Silicone Cups – This is a replacement for tampons. 

I use my cup maybe 1-2 days out of my cycle. usually just when it’s heavy. These are made of pure medical grade silicone. No toxins, and you wash and reuse for years of use. Mine has held up like new for 2 years now. You can find these locally at CVS, or walgreens or you can order them online from here.

2. Activated Charcoal pads – replacement for disposable pads

This is not gross. The pads in the picture above have seen almost 3 years of use! The activated charcoal helps a little with cramps and a lot with staining. Just use, rinse, and wash! It is that easy. No more buying synthetic, toxic pads just to throw them away. you can find these here

3. Activated charcoal liners – this is basically a repeat of number 2 but was something I forgot to get during my first month switching to a sustainable period. same care as for the pads! Find these here

4. Shethinxx – period panties! 

Ok I have only used mine for 3 months, but they are great. I use mine in place of panty liners for days when I don’t want a pad bulging out of  my clothes or anything. usually the day before my period starts, and the last 1-2 days when im not sure if i am quite finished yet. Not a necessity, I went almost 2 years with out one. They are still great to have though! No picture, because I thought that was slightly weird 😉 you can find shethinx here. Thinx is great because they offer a 60 day trial period with a money back guarantee. they are pretty confident in their product and I am too.

Thinx Cheeky Period-Proof Underwear – XS B…

Thinx Cheeky Period-Proof Underwear – Perfect for your light days, the Cheeky is classy… [More]

Price: $30.00

5. Ashwagandha root powder- Go organic, This root bark is amazing for instantly easing my cramps. 

Stress plays a major role in regulating the sensitive reproductive hormones that impact fertility, libido, and healthy menstruation. Mineral-dense ashwagandha enhances communication within the complex endocrine system — strengthening the adrenal glands, reducing cortisol, and increasing the production of blood. The increased blood flow and regulated hormones have a positive effect on libido and menstrual health and can also aid in fertility.

So you can likely skip that OTC pain killer, and reach for a chai tea instead. 

(1 tbsp of ashwagandha, 3/4 cup of boiling water, 1/4 c almond milk, 1/2 tsp ginger powder, pinch of salt & honey to taste!)

This is where I get my supply from!

6. Warm tube sock heat wrap

This one is so easy. grab a cheap 3-5 pound bag of rice- and fill a thigh high tube sock up. Stitch one end closed, and voila! you have a re-heatable rice sock that can warm your front abdomen as well as your back. This is a great hack to have on hand. can also double as a feet warmer for the bed in winter 😉 (when your zero waste, everything has a multiple uses!)

7. Natural Birth Control!

basal thermometer

I saved the most important for last. When I was 12, my dad forced my to do the deppo birth control injection. before then, I had no period trouble. after that day, Cramps would be horrible, my cycle unpredictable, and sometimes I would get so nauseous I would have to sit in the bathroom for nearly an hour waiting for it to pass. 

Luckily, once I moved out of that home I was able to stop the toxic birth control injections and take my health back. I tried the pill and IUD, but they didn’t help.  I didn’t know how easy the solution really was! I didn’t need medications to be healthy! I needed to track and know the ins and outs of my period. I got a basal thermometer and within 6-12 months, I now KNOW myself. I know what phase I am in, when I am fertile, When I am not. I know when I am ovulating and ladies, can I just say.. I FEEL LIBERATED! I actually KNOW what the heck is going on in my body and wow, that is a powerful feeling. I use to feel helpless- I do not miss that at all! The beginning was of course not consistent. basically crazy. No real pattern, sometimes 2 periods in one month.. but I stuck with tracking it and I was able to basically watch my hormones level out for me. Once my body worked the remaining toxins from the years of birth control out of me, I was good.

 We are not ready for kids yet, but my husband & I know that through this method we can actually PLAN for it. 2 years of natural birth control, and we are blessed to say it has worked very well! I use femometer because it stores my information and has helpful features for tracking. I have used it for just over 2 years now, successfully! 

Well, that is pretty much all the tips I have. I really hope you are inspired to make your cycle cheaper, healthier, and more sustainable. Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments below if you tried any of these tips. 

Until next time!


Live Life Simplified

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