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Our Story

This blog was started when I realized I had such a strong passion for health and earth conscious living that I needed to put it down into words (otherwise Jay, bless his heart, would have to deal with my constant talking about zero waste this, and sustainable that, and hey did you know THIS was gluten free?! I love him too much to force him to endure my excitement 24/7). I want to create a collective of topics here as I am constantly searching for healthy meals and alternatives, meal plan and prepping ideas, reusable alternatives, sustainable projects and crafts, gardening projects, healthy pet advice and so so much more. As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community created out of the desire to record the lifestyles changes we have made and our journey from urban living, to full blown off the grid homesteading and everything in between. I could use all the extra support and encouragement that you have! In this community, we learn from each other..   Be sure to share your knowledge with us! 

so lets get this journey started! 

Meet the Team

My name is Alexis & I am a 20 something living with my husband Jay (The amazing inventor, builder, and general all around problem solver!) and our 2 fur babies in the heart of TN. Atilla is a 100 lb. Pyrenees and Kit-kat is a 7 lb. Siamese, but trust me, they are best friends! I am an amateur yogi, avid reader and baker with a desire to go 100% zero waste! We are all so glad you are here!




Atilla, The Grain Free Gentle Giant!


Sweet Siamese Kit-Kat