DIY Custom Mugs

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I have always loved personalized mugs . Heck, anything that has been personalized is my absolute favorite. Before I tackled this project I figured my hand writing wasn’t “pretty” enough for mug decorating but these markers were kind of magical. They made my cups come out quite nicely! (Ok, it probably had nothing to do with the markers, I had to practice on scrap paper a few times before I tried the cups.) This project is insanely quick, easy, and inexpensive!

I made 2 “His” & “Hers” coffee mugs, and a special Tea mug for my nightly ashwaganda chai tea. The coffee mugs were purchased for $2 at my local dollar tree and the tea mug was an upcycled mug I found hiding in my cupboards. And the oil based sharpies (the most expensive item) were still only $12. This is cheaper if you already have oil based markers or acrylic paint! you can use any glass or ceramic, it doesn’t have to be a coffee mug. 

Alright, lets get started on these DIY coffee mugs! You want to gather your supplies, and make sure your cups are clean and completely dry. At this point, go ahead and preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

If you are using your own design, Great! sketch it out a few times on paper to make sure you have it down, then carefully use your markers or paint to create your design on your mugs.  If you are using my design, also great! Let me help you not make my mistakes. 

First, grab your “her” color (I used purple, one of my favorite colors) and give it a good shake with the cap on. Next lay your marker on the counter, top off and held steady with one hand. With your free hand grab your mug and bring it to meet the tip of the marker, and then twist the cup 360 degrees to achieve a straight line along the bottom of the mug. Repeat this with your “His” color (I used Blue). 

The non recommended method of getting a straight line!

On the His mug I tried using tape on the his mug to get a straight line and it wasn’t straight or as easy as the method I just described. So I have to recommend following the sames steps as the Her cup.

Return to the her mug & if it is dry to the touch, you can go ahead and add the “Her’s” to the front of the mug. Repeat with “His”.

For the handle, I used our anniversary date paired with hearts.

The numbers match the main cup color and the hearts are pink on both. 

Once you have finished the design, you need to set the marker/paint in order to keep your hard work from coming off in the next week or so. Your oven should be at 350 now if you preset it in the beginning.  Place your mugs directly onto the racks and set the timer for 20 minutes. Once the timer goes off, turn off your oven but let the cups stay in the oven until they have completely cooled down. This may take a few hours.  (This is the longest part, but you don’t want to burn yourself or risk breaking your new custom cups!)

Once the oven and the cups are cool, take your cups out and admire all your hard work! They are ready to be used.

Did you try this project? What design did you decide on? If you take any pictures, I would love to see them! Simply tag me on instagram @livealifesimplified

Any Questions or comments?  I would love to hear them, Drop me a line! 

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