Going Grain Free! (Doggy Edition P.1)

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So in my family, we had been feeding our 4 year old Pyrenees a standard American dog diet. Which worked at first I thought…truly I didn’t know any better. My husband is the one who always had dogs before we got together so I just followed his lead. About 6 months ago he began to get a really bad hot spot on his front right paw, and a large spot on his back. I also noticed he was constantly rubbing his face on the wall, the couch, everything! As if his face was super itchy and this was especially noticeable after he would eat or get a treat. That is what led me to start researching what was going on , and what I could do. He is my fur baby after all! 

You know what his symptoms mimicked?


You know what the most common dog allergies are?

Grains. Corn, Soy, & Gluten!

You know what was in every single treat and his dog food? Even the canned food!

Grains, Corn, Soy & Gluten!! And some other weird stuff..

So, that very day I threw away his food and all of his treats (I know, wasteful! Don’t remind me)

Went to the store and purchased grain free pure balance kibble and 5 lbs. of gain free fresh pet food (which kind of looks like a huge bologna loaf). I started mixing ½ a pound of the wet food in with 2 cups of grain free kibble- twice a day. 

Here is what I have noticed after only 2 months:

No more itching! This handsome guy dances for his food now, he loves it so much. He can eat it and not have to scratch his face on my wall or couch.

No more right paw hot spot! This was a big deal for me, I was so worried about him. He had never had such a bad, red, and painful looking hot spot before. And he just could not leave it alone! Now, He has stopped messing with it completely and it is gone! YES!! 

The spot on his back has also gone away, and he doesn’t chew there anymore either! 

The amount of energy he has now, is incredible. I didn’t realize how sluggish and “old” Atilla had been acting. I just thought he was being super “chill”… now it is like we have a puppy again! He wants to run and play and jump and go for long walks! I love having my best friend back. 

I still am planning to make a few more changes for a few reasons.

1. I don’t want to mix raw and dry food together, that can be hard on his digestive system (per my research) 

2. It is over $85 a month. I have ZERO problem paying for this, but I know an even better diet, the PREY diet. It would cost about the same if not less than this current method but would include raw bones, organs, and flesh meat. No grains, No veg, nothing but what a wild dog would eat in its natural habitat. Not only would he LOVE that, but it would be his most natural diet and that is what I am all about here, finding what the most natural thing to do is and then doing that thing. 

I cannot wait to update you guys again once we have made this switch and let you know if there are any differences in his appearance, energy levels, breath, coat, etc.

In the mean time, have any of you tried the prey diet?

Have you tried grain free? What did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know in the comments!

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